4 Basic Upgrades for Your Bathroom Plumbing

Are you looking to upgrade your home to the latest innovative models? If you want to upgrade your bathroom with some improvements, then you have to use some new plumbing technology. Bathrooms are dependent on various factors such as plumbing fixtures, and other technological advancements which made such fixtures safer too. Few upgrades are easy to integrate, affordable, and make your bathroom lively.

Here are four must-have bathroom upgrades that will make you feel in love with your bathroom all over again.

Dual-Flush Toilet

Dual flush toilets are a great option to save money and the environment, flushing the toilet in the average of four in a family can use more than three to four gallons of water with each flush, this can lead to an increase in your water bill. The dual-flush toilet has the ability to do a half-flush for liquid waste, and a full-flush for solid waste. So when you need the full-flush power you can use it, this way you can preserve water. 

There are two different varieties of dual flush toilet systems. There is a dual-flush toilet with a dual-option installed, also you can add dual-flush capability to the existing toilet with the flushing valve and specialized handle.

Bidet Seat

Toilet paper can be frustrating, it’s a bit costly and takes up a lot of storage space around your home. If you’ve installed a bidded seat then you never have to buy the toilet paper. The bided seats are connected to the toilet’s water supply, while you turn it on, a small nozzle under the back end will spray with the stream of water to clean.

A bidet seat is a good replacement for toilet paper, thus you can save money in the process. Once you get used to a bidet seat, you need not go back to using the bathroom any other way again. It’s surprisingly affordable and easy to install.

Steam Shower

Do you want to relax your body without spending a lot of money? A steam shower can do that for you. The steam shower is a specialized shower head that can turn water into steam and fine mist that enhance your shower experience. Hot water is the best treatment for relaxing sore muscles, improving skin look and appearance and boosting your energy level.

Steam showers can be installed in virtually any shower as well. A steam shower allows you to take a regular shower as well, and some systems include a showerhead that you can utilize independently.

Auto-Temperature Shower Faucet

Shower faucets use different mechanisms to blend water from both your hot and cold lines to give you the ideal temperature you want. What will happen if you set your shower to one fixed temperature and then never have to worry about adjusting it again?

With an auto-temperature shower faucet, that’s exactly what you can do. These showerheads feature either a knob or slider and a standard shower handle. The handle will keep your water pressure either up or down, while the knob or slider adjusts the temperature of the water. The great part is that these types of shower faucets can be installed in virtually any shower, which uses a single-handle design, including shower/tub combos.